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NovaMod is here to serve real estate investors, builders and developers (“Clients”). We do not work
with end buyers or homeowners. The process of ground up construction has several parts and we are
here to serve our Clients in most of these steps including, but not limited to financing.

STEP 1: Identifying vacant land

This is usually where the process begins. Land can be vacant with approvals to build one or several single-family homes or townhouse. Sometimes there is already a structure on the property which requires demolition and a new home built on the foundation. Our Clients usually have the land identified.

STEP 2: Land acquisition

Our Clients can sometimes acquire the land with cash. In most cases, some kind of financing is required. Through our affiliate partners, NovaMod can assist in the financing structures to acquire the land as the same financing can extend to the construction aspect as well. However, it will be a much easier process when the land is owned outright by the Clients.

STEP 3: Zoning and Approvals

The next part of the process is to obtain the proper zoning and permits to begin construction. All of NovaMod’s designs are NTA approved and have all the necessary documentation to get building permits from the town or municipality. We will assist the Clients with documentation requirements. If the land is not zoned properly, however, it will be up to the Client to establish the zoning with the township or municipality. In order to get necessary permits, the Clients will have to select the design they would like to purchase from NovaMod.

STEP 4: Deposits and Construction Financing

Once the Clients have selected the design they would like to purchase, they will place a deposit with NovaMod. This will secure the design but will not begin the construction process. The Clients will work with NovaMod’s affiliate partners to obtain financing for the construction (and possibly for land acquisition). Clients may secure financing through their own lenders; however, such financing must be approved by NovaMod to ensure that it meets the logistical requirements.

STEP 5: Clearing and Excavation

Once the financing is secured and the buildings permits are in place, the Client will be solely responsible for clearing and excavation on the property for the foundation. NovaMod will provide assistance in an advisory capacity to ensure that the foundation is according the necessary specifications. The home will be placed on queue in the factory.

STEP 6: Offsite Construction

Client will notify NovaMod once the foundation has been completed and scheduled for final inspected. On that date, NovaMod will place the design on the factory line and construction will begin. In a few days construction will be completed and the home will be scheduled for delivery to the site.

STEP 7: Delivery and Setting

As soon as the house and site is ready, delivery can be made. Client will be responsible for arranging the transportation, cranes and set crew. NovaMod will assist the Client in making such arrangements. As soon as the house is on the foundation, NovaMod will alert the lender to release the remaining amount of the purchase price due to NovaMod.

STEP 8: Finishing

After the setting is complete, the Client can do the finishes and touch-ups on site. Finishes include marriage walls, some siding, exterior and interior steps (in a two-story homes), some flooring, HVAC, and final plumbing and electric. Materials for the finishes will be included in the delivery. NovaMod will remain involved to assist in an advisory capacity.
The foregoing is a summary of the complete process. Further details available upon request. From the time full permits are received, the remaining process should take 45-60 days. 1

Please the following pages for our designs and layouts. Minor modifications may be possible and it is
also possible to pair these designs with a finished basement or attached garages. Most garages and
basements will have to be completed onsite.

Please contact our offices for more information at info@novamod.us.
Thank you!

1 This time frame is provided as a good faith estimate. NovaMod does not guarantee this time frame. Foundations
and finishes are up the Client and may be subject to delays outside NovaMod’s control.

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